-BANTEAY SREI TEMPLE: (The Citadel of the women)
-Date: Second half of the 10th Century (967)
-King: During the reign of Rajendravaraman 2nd (944-968) “Sivaloka” with a priest (yajnavaraha) & Jayavarman 5th (968-1001) “Paramasivaloka” with a priest (Vishnukoma).
-Religion: Hinduism (Siva)
-Art-Style: Banteay Srie


The Lake is connected to the Mekong River through the Tonle Sap River. They meet at Phnom Penh, at the site known as Chakto Muk (the four faces). Each year in june, when the Mekong River greets the Himalayas spring thaw, the water level at Chakto Muk rises more rapidly than the Tonle Sap River. The makes the TonLe Sap River reverse its flows and discharge the water frome the Mekong into the great lake. As the result, the lake increases four times in sizel in november, when pressure diminish, the Tonle Sap River reverse again and becomes the only outlet for the Take, which empties gradually……until next season.